From Fractured Past to Unbreakable Purpose

Mendy's story isn't woven from silk, it's forged in fire. Emerging from the scars of an abusive childhood, Mendy knows firsthand the sting of darkness. A locked-up juvenile delinquent, a teenage single mother drowning in welfare, a life on the precipice of despair – these were the chapters that threatened to define her. But Mendy refused to be the passive narrator of her own tragedy. She rewrote the script, transforming the ink of hardship into the fuel of resilience.

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The Find Your Freedom movement ignites the spark within you to break free from any shackles holding you back from your most radiant self. It's a clarion call to rise above self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and past wounds, and step into the sun-drenched landscape of your potential. Freedom here isn't just a fleeting feeling; it's the vibrant canvas of a life lived on your own terms. It's the quiet hum of self-forgiveness washing away past transgressions, the inner glow of well-being nurtured by mindful choices, and the exhilaration of a body nourished for strength and joy. Here, practicing good health isn't a chore, but a passionate expression of self-love, a vibrant dance with your own physical strength. Join the movement, shed the weight of what holds you down, and embrace the symphony of wholeness that echoes within. Find your freedom, find yourself.

Students Testimonials

  • Mendy built a personalized program for me, based off of my needs, goals, and schedule. She simultaneously encourages and educates me during my training. Mendy's energy and passion are contagious and helps hold me accountable and focused while working towards my goals. Reaching out to Mendy for her services has been a great investment and I wish I would have done it sooner.
  • MJ is absolutely the best trainer I have found! Her program keeps you accountable and she is always checking in asking how things are going and how your training is going. Her programs allows you to work it on your own time. She is very knowledgeable and answers any questions I have had right away. Her program was worth every cent and I will continue with her and recommend her over any other trainers I have used. She truly cares about her clients and that is why I will continue to use her services.
    Darla Jean
  • Omg what a bargain! Ppl are crazy to not sign up! You are and always be my biggest motivation and inspiration to a better and healthier me. That Thanksgiving Transformation Challenge was awesome. I learned so much from you and actually saw REAL results! I couldn't thank you enough for the gift you've given me. If I weren't committed to another gym (it's closer) I would be joining this group asap! Thank you so much for being an amazing role model! I admire you in so many ways. I follow you and you give me strength. Not just with fitness but in life, being a single mother etc. God bless you!

MJ is a speaker at Real Talk

Real Talk Youth Impact Program is a free proactive and reactive program for children ages 8-18 that seeks to create a positive change in the lives of children and their families through education and extracurricular activities.
Participants of Real Talk are expected to attend four monthly "Change One" meetings to be educated by our volunteer monthly speakers and closing guest speakers, who share their personal life experiences in hopes to inspire, encourage, and motivate them to be productive citizens in their community.
The Real Talk Youth Impact Program Seeks to Enlighten, Encourage, and Empower At-Risk Youths to become Tomorrow's Leaders.
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Find Your Freedom is a movement designed to ignite your path to liberation: living with purpose, embracing joy, nurturing your well-being, and boldly stepping beyond the shadows of yesterday. Let's rewrite your story, one empowered step at a time.

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